Monday, May 28, 2007

About Piggy Banker

Where do you find the Highest CD Rates ?

Where can you find the FNBO Direct online saving account or the Best money market rates ?
At the Piggy Banker.

But they not only give you the best CD rates, savings accounts, money market, credit cards deals, and bank promotions, they also have a 50$ contest for a blog post about them!
That is why I am writing about them and the one who reads could do the same and enter the contest.
What do you have to do?
Just visit their website, talk about the fabulous rates of CD, Saving accounts, money market, credit card deals and bank promotions and that's all!
Then you send an email with the link of your post to and wait and hope and, if you are lucky you win, and if you are not you don't.
That is life.
I am used to it, I usually loose. I guess I never won anything in my life.
Of course there can be just one winner and statistics usually follow certain laws, I probably do not fit in them...
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