Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Got a good idea?

Do you have a good idea?
A good idea about a very good business, something special that could be successful and profitable?
Too bad you have more ideas than money.
Good ideas need to be fed with good money to grow and produce profit.
Did you ever hear about Angel Investors?
As the name says, they are people that can help with their money to fulfil your dreams and together you can build what you cannot by yourself.
But how to find an Angel Investor?
Nothing could be easier than getting Venture Capital .
First step is posting a request for Funding.
Your request will be viewed by an investor. Your request can have up to 100 views.
Second is connecting with investors.
Your request will be broadcasted to more than 4000 investors.
Third you are closer than ever to your goal: you got the money!
Still a lot to do, but you're on the right path!
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