Monday, March 23, 2009

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy

That means you do not need an amazing environment to be happy or more simply happiness is something that doesn’t belong to the human race.
"We grow accustomed almost instantly to every advance. And the better it gets, the less satisfied we are with it."
Well that is the open secret: happiness is in what you do not have and you dream of.
The moment you have it, it is not a dream or a goal anymore and it is not happiness.
That is what we are made for.
We are on this earth to reach a goal, not just to survive and we have this need inside of us of "doing", and in order to reach the goal we are born for we have "to do" and we are happy if we plan of something we do not have.
The human in satisfaction is what we are made for.
Life is not a gift, it is a commitment.
We enjoy making love because we have to do it in order to reproduce ourselves and we have to die when we are not able to fulfill what we were created for.
This is Nature, this is life, this is the law we have to follow.
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