Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Knowing where you stand and what is going to cost you

Do you need marketing solutions?
Very few don’t, and they are the ones (very few)who know how to market their website.
But even among them you can find people who could actually perform MUCH BETTER, if they used some professional SEO reseller to do the right job.
But, how to find and choose the right Resell SEO services, the ones that really fit your needs.
When I have to choose I usually look for the best, the ones the big companies before me choose.
And tell me, who can be better than a company who was founded in 2008 and the founders have extensive Fortune 100 experience with companies like General Electric, AT&T, Verizon, Ford, Nissan, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and ChevronTexaco?
What they can do for you is working to improve your position on the big search engines, concentrating on local optimization, may be increase your traffic with sporadic pay per click campaigns, using social media websites (they can bring you millions customers), not forgetting the power of word of mouth (the oldest and still most effective marketing tool).
And they offer industry-leading reports, analytics, email notifications, and workflow access with a privately labeled customer portal.
But the best tool they use is still transforming your website into a hub of information for your category.
Besides having clear goals and means to reach the goals, they also offer clear plans, you will always know where you stand and what is going to cost you.
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