Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Who is the "troika"? Who appointed them?

You cannot be but surprised reading what our leaders and politicians say about Europe.
According to them looking into Europe you can see the light of democracy , and indeed any future government in Italy must follow the road paved by the actual European leading trio not to lose the view of this light.
The worst thing that can happen is to be ruled by mystics, visionaries, as they appear in fact these worshipers of superdemocratic EU.
But I go even further.
I think they are not mystics or visionaries, they perfectly know what they are doing.
Being ruled by the majority in a community, is not totally right, minorities should be allowed to have their saying, but that is what democracy is about: the middle way between caos and order.
I can accept that.
You have to make laws and put boundaries, and you have to accept the fact that the majority knows, even though histroy is full of disasters created by the majority...
But when the majority is a few people that can decide of life and death, that is called Dictatorship.
And that is what we have now.
The European government, along with its head, in the name of Europe, is NOT elected.
The democratic deficit was planned and wanted by Europe´s lovers because the will of the citizens would have prevented its realization.
They were inspired, from the first sketches of unification of Europe, from the most totalitarian model of socialism that was solidified in Russia.
It's called 'the Union', in fact, is modeled on the Soviet Union, and the United States of Europe are called Commissions and Commissioners decision-making structures, the same name that Lenin and his comrades have given themselves forming the first revolutionary Russian government.
Even in the EU, as in Soviet Russia, the Commissioners are not elected but appointed by the small group of those who hold the most power, and the only institution elected by the citizens is that fake Parliament, as the Duma, which provides armchairs politicians, non-governmental and not even affair talks during a crisis like the present one in which it was even aired the collapse of the euro and the EU itself.
Even the "troika," from which we are waiting, together with the Greeks, a judgment of acquittal or conviction, is one of the most profitable inventions of the Soviet rulers.
With the excuse of the fanatical obsession of non-existent counterrevolutions, Stalin and his companions had created the special commission to combat debt (pardon the counterrevolution) equipped with trios, also known as "sets of shooting," consisting of three people with power investigative and judicial, absolutely independent of which the public name was secret.
At their meetings they had no the witnesses or the accused, nor the lawyers.
Well, it's very similar to the democratic spirit that exists in Europe and I would like to know: who is the "troika"?
Who are the three powerful lords who stick their noses into the most intimate affairs of the Greek nation?
Who appointed them?
Under what democratic norms Greeks should accept the judgment?
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