Thursday, March 29, 2007

Real Time second life

Once , in the early beginning, our vitual life was time delayed.
Increasing the speed on the Internet meant not only faster surfing or faster downloading or faster uploading.
It meant something much more important.
Our virtual reality followed the speed of our connection and with it reached the speed of our real life.
There is no difference anymore between a connection with somebody a few meters from us and somebody a million Kilometers away.
Our voice and our image reaches them in the same time, and if there is a difference it is in the favor of the far away partner.
We can live in the same time in New York or Tokio or Milan.
We can see the same movies, we can listen to the same music, we can discuss of any subject, we can COMMUNICATE as much and as long as we like.
Doc Searls writes:
"The Live Web is is what's happening right now. It's dynamic. (Thank you, Virginia.) It includes all the stuff that's syndicated through RSS and searched by Google Blogsearch, IceRocket and Technorati. What I post here, and what others post about this post, will be found and indexed by Live Web search engines in a matter of minutes. For those who subscribe to feeds of this blog, and of other blogs, the notification is truly live. Your daily paper has pages, not sites. The difference is not "just semantic". It's fundamental. It's how you reclaim, and assert, your souls in the connected world. It's also how you shed dead conceptual weight, get light and nimble, and show Wall Street how you're not just ahead of the curve, but laying pavement beyond everybody else's horizon. It's how your leverage the advantages of history, of incumbency, and of already being in a going business."
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