Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dubai: the after dream come true.

I am not so fond of modern things.
I always feel a little bit uneasy with modern "design" chairs and so, made with the cheapest material and wearing the most expensive price labels.
When I spend I want something which is worth.
Because I am very materialistic and always gave dreams the place they deserved: somewhere were sooner or later you can wake up.
Dubai was for me exactly that.
The materialization of childish dreams, where nothing is impossible and where the most impossible is not a challenge, but becomes reality.
Like a skiing place in the middle of the desert...or skyscrapers so tall the moon had to steer its way around them, or immense off-shore developments: man-made archipelagos that resembled levels from Super Mario Sunshine.
And that is exactly what they are, a dream you wake up sooner or later, with the difference that dreaming costs nothing, materializing dreams is something else, just ask the world's financial markets, once they've finished screaming.
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