Tuesday, December 29, 2009

People do not know the value, they just know the price

"What is a company share worth if it does not pay a dividend and has no hope of paying a dividend? In my opinion, the answer is zero."
The value of an item is very different, depending on the label or the box.
Take for example a Hermes bag, 100% plastic, made in China, but sold by Saks Fifth Avenue and luxuriously wrapped.
It could easily reach a price over $1000.
The same item sold on eBay would have hundreds of people bidding and reach a very high price, if you can prove it was bought in the right shop.
The same, made in China, by the same manufacturer, with the same label, but lacking the code is worth maximum $5.
That for explaining how stupidity can change the price.
Nothing has an intrinsic value anymore.
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