Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prepare for the Future, it is closer than you think

Now, more than ever it is time to choose to live in the country.
If I had to invest my money in America, I would choose a small town and live in a nice small house with a nice garden and enough space to live.
The future won’t be a return to the past or the exasperation of the present.
Many jobs will be done in your own house, all jobs you can comfortably do on a phone and on the Internet. Including sales.
Shops will be on the best Internet Avenue, you will be able to see and decide what to buy and when.
Transportation will become cheaper, because organized.
The cost of commercial buildings will be lower because they will be where it is more convenient and the price is OK.
We won’t need to go to the shopping center.
It will be our computer, may be automatically checking the best offers that will do the job.
Jobs of the future?
IT will grow and grow.
The ones who will be able to organize alternative to the state transportations (road transportations) will be very successful.
Schools, good schools will be cheaper and better and affordable.
Elearning will be the right choice.
If you really want you can.
What is more democratic than services affordable to all?
What is more democratic than allowing EVERYONE to do the job he likes and he is good at?
No more big corporations or at least fewer.
Even your energy provider will be the solar panel or the turbine on your roof.
I am ready to fight for this democratic world.
And the fight is easier than you think.
You can begin with what you can afford and grow.

And How?
The Internet will tell you.
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