Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Terrifying but not so unrealistic

There was an old Bulgarian lady prophet called baba Vanga, size of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, which predicted exactly this 10 years ago.
It sounded as ridiculous as it was ridiculous the idea of black US president 2 years ago... she predicted this also. 10 years ago!
This prophet is not very popular in US for obvious reasons (the iron curtain at the time, distance, different culture), but she was wildly popular in Bulgaria (almost every family have a story to tell about her), Russia and the soviet bloc.
She predicted that 44th president of US will be black and he will be the last one. The words were something like "I see a black man in a white house".
Laugh as much as you want, but she predicted the accent of Putin in Russia (before any Putin was on the stage), 911 terrorist attacks - in her words “I see steal birds eating the flesh of 2 brothers (twin towers), wolfs are hauling” ( Wolfovitz!?), drowning of the russian Kursk submarine, the Prague events in 1968 and quite some more…
For Europe she is drawing very dark picture.
Europe will be invaded by the Muslims and USA will start the WW3 lunching climatic weapons on the Muslim city of Rome! At the end of 21 century Europe will be almost uninhabited, in 22 century will start Christian rebellion … the 3 races will start to mix up first White / Asians and then Black will get into the melting pot (if you are in CA you may see this very well underway)
What concerns readers here is USA will seize to exist long before that events. Be brave comrades!
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