Monday, November 08, 2010

The usual dirty game behind Net Neutrality

Internet service providers can’t favor traffic to and from certain companies while undermining competitors’ traffic.
That is the dream that goes under the name of Net Neutrality: the networks that deliver the Internet to consumers must be equally open to all data packets.
One of net neutrality’s strongest backers, Google, has stopped insisting that the principle apply on wireless networks, which might need to manipulate traffic to deal with capacity constraints.
A neutral platform is the perfect environment for innovation, because innovators can develop the next great widget, and deliver it without the need of getting any permission.
We have already seen it many times: a new technology shakes up a marketplace.
It is followed by a period of amazing, generative competition. And then, when it begins to make big money, it is taken over, often by some monopolists in conspiracy with the government. Radio is the best example.
And the Internet now is the best example of how a network, end to end, grown thanks to the adding number of users and not a central unity, determined the explosion of so many new technologies.
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