Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do not forget to be there when they look for your products or services

I don’t care what it costs to get bits from here to Timbuktu – I care very much what it costs to get from my house to my local school.
They configure networks as if the Internet were far, far away, and they come up with arbitrary peering prices. That doesn’t meant that it’s intrinsically expensive – it means they’ve managed to make it expensive.
Five years ago I had a vision: the Metropolitan Internet.
And I had the same idea about how the Internet bandwidth was wasted when looking for local websites.
How wonderful if when I am looking for something local my request wouldn't travel around the world, but would use the local infrastructures, making it easier, faster and cheaper.
In the same way, when I am looking for a pizza in a small town near nowhere and I want to use a search engine like Google I finish finding ALL the Pizzerias in the big cities and, after a while and 300 pages, I just give up.
What if the search engine, when I am looking for ANY local business, would show me ALL the available in a few pages?
That was my dream, and as very often, it came true, because somebody had the same vision I had.
So, if you own a small or medium sized business and do not need customers in Timbuktu, but are concentrated in the local search, there is a company that can help you in that.
With first class local SEO they can make your website appear every time somebody is looking for your products or services in your zone.
It is a kind of the old yellow pages, but it works much better.
Of course placement on the Internet for a company is everything.
If you are NOT in the first ten pages (but even less) you are NOT there.
If your customers do not find you, they are not your customers.
Being the best doesn’t necessarily mean your company is going to be the best performing.
Beginning September 22, Google will make it much more difficult to fulfill all requirements for its Product Search feature.
For example, merchants must add a lot of additional information’s for their items, like size, category, color availability, gender and age-group specifications.
Without them the website will be pulled and suspended.
That is certainly something nobody is looking forward to.
In this view it becomes quite essential to have the help of a company who is an expert in local search news.
So, after doing all you can to provide your customers with the best products or services at the best price, do not forget to be there when they look for them...
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