Wednesday, July 06, 2011

How much more you get for much less...

What would you think of a web hosting where the applications you want are available the exact moment you want them, where every detail is backed up daily, where you can have plenty of storage, and where you get unlimited traffic?
And that is not all.
If you can add a fast response support, available 24x7x365, where you can get a personal account manager, regardless of which plan you choose, wouldn´t you agree that you cannot ask for more?
And plans start at as little as $4.99 a month.
But if you are looking for something more, like having your own server, without the hassle of caring for it, you can choose the plan of managed hosting.
Whenever you decide, there is a server ready for you, with the latest hardware customized following on your needs.
If you have a web-based business with your own server, and want to place it in an enterprise-class facility with adequate space, temperature control, and security, you can opt for a colocation plan.
You will have a truly secure and guarded environment, with the latest generation of environmental controls. You will find data centers which are truly state-of-the-art, with parallel redundancies, so that your servers will always have reliable power, backups, and physical security.
And you will even be able to save money.
Thanks to the efficiencies of the proprietary IP backbone and the redundant cross-connections of the infrastructure you will actually be able to have much less expensive bandwidth.
Is 10Mb/s fast enough?
If you consider that the plans start at as little as $99 per month per unit, you can easily calculate how much more you get for much less...
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