Thursday, March 15, 2012

When quality is sign of quality

Can a good marketing pass through a t shirt?
My answer is YES, but at certain conditions...
They must be nice, good quality and unique.
If you want your brand or your name to be remembered, you certainly agree that it must be connected to something that defines it as superior quality.
I have nothing against Chinese merchandize, but too often it is meaning of low quality, also because very often it is LOW quality.
Let’s be honest.
Unless you believe in miracles, it is very hard, almost impossible, to put together low price and high quality.
So, if you want to spend very little, you must also compromise with look and quality...which is exactly what you should avoid...
So, my suggestion is to buy local. Cotton made in USA is usually quite good and there are American companies that can deliver a high qualityt shirt screen printing.
You can suggest your own logo, or design, or a special message, or whatever, or you can chose among a huge selection provided by them, all very nice looking.
The secret is in the long experience in printing.
Printing IS NOT just telling the printer the color and the drawing.
It doesn’t work like that.
You must decide the size, the color, the hue, the saturation of the image, in a few words, ALL what is between a good result and something else.
You can also decide for embroidered shirts.
I personally prefer it to the printed ones.
First it lasts longer, you have absolutely no problem in washing and especially in ironing the shirt and the colors look better.
Thanks to the fact that they use the latest technology, you can also order a very small number and chose more drawings or embroideries.
The quality of your marketing promotionals IS the sign of the quality of your business.
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