Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Supreme Court Ruling

Today the last nail in the democracy´s coffin was put in Europe.
The road is clear now.
Europe and the dictatorship won.
The moment the ECB and the ESM will own the European debt it will be easy to definitely grab the last shadow of nationality from the sovraign states.
It will be enough to put on the market the bonds or bonos and the state will have two choices: obey or default.
And default won´t be Argentina style, it will be much worse.
So they will obey.
Democracy is finished the moment they do not care anymore for whom people will vote.
Whoever wins doesn´t matter, since he will have no power.
All will be decided in Brussels, what you produce, what you consume, what you earn and the taxes you pay.
The only possible road will be revolution.
But also for that they will be very careful that the majority of the population NEVER arrives to the point of desperation.
They will always prospect the light at the end of the tunnel.
When? Tomorrow.
And while our generation will be waiting fo a better future we will die.
And the next generation won´t even know or care what the better future is, they will be too busy to struggle for the present.
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