Saturday, December 04, 2004

Are Smart Networks dumb or are Stupid Networks smart?

I would say none of the two.
Usually things aren't smart or dumb, but the people who make them can be.

We are facing a new revolution which will change the society in which we live.
Like in the French Revolution, nothing of what surrounds us will really change, but people's mentality and behavior will.

In 1790 the potatoes grew in the same way they used to in 1788, so the garlic, the onions and the tomatoes.
But the people who planted and ate them were living in a different way.

The Internet and the whole business of Communications will be the same, may be even worse in certain aspects, but the people who will run them will be different people.

You cannot concentrate the profits in the hands of a few and still expect that the mass has enough to pay for the services.
If the money is not shared, the one who produces will have to eat the whole production.
That is the simple mathematic law of economics and we are beginning to see how it works.
People do not have enough money to pay for what they are pushed to consume.
They borrow it.
So the producers earn on what they sell and on the money they lend to the people who consume.
Mathematic is made (and till now worked that way) that if you sell 2 and the one who buys 2 pays with 2 you make a profit of 1.
But if the one who pays 2 doesn't have any profit and borrows the 2, sooner or later will have to produce 2,50 to pay back the borrowed 2 plus interest.
But what happens if he cannot produce and earn anymore?

The one who sold 2 and lent 2 and is supposed to get back 2,50 won't get back anything.
As simple as that.

And this is the most logic explanation of what is going to happen in a very near future, unless a revolution takes place.
Profit must be shared, jobs must be available, investments must be done.
As simple as that.

No more big Monopolies, but thousands of small entrepreneurs.
No more restricted number of aristocratic investors, but thousand of middle class workers.
The working class of today is not motivated anymore.
Working for the salary is like studying for getting good marks.
It is not gratifying enough.
Human beings are made to work to create something, they must have a goal in life.
That is the lacking push in our society, in our economies.

Patrizia from a World on IP

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