Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The "Peer to Peer through Peer Network"

Since the first man was born or appeared on this earth his life was dedicated to the answer to two big questions: Who he was and why he was.
And communication has been the natural evolution of this need.
Communicating was sharing and exchanging opinions.

The first step was toward finding a way of an open standard of sounds that gave life to a language, an "Idiom".
The second one was converting the spoken language in icons, expressing a word or a feeling.

The birth of computers meant a simplification of all the complicated ways to simulate the work of the human brain in communication.
Digitalization was nothing different from the big step taken thousands of years ago by the ones who simplified the iconographic way of writing and inventing the alphabet.
Instead of the sound of a full word or phrase, they invented 22 simple letters that expressed the main sounds of our expressions and with those 22 sounds they built all the possible words, and the words built phrases and phrases made pages and pages made books and so on.

With the birth of computers data became numbers and the following step was simplifying their transmission.
The Internet was possible and useful because the computer had been invented, as hand writing was enormously wide spread thanks to the invention of the alphabet.
Also the printing machines and the Mass Market printing machine, the type writer, were possible because of the invention of the alphabet.

The world is changing at a fast rate because wide spread communication is possible thanks to the Internet.
Whether the communication is data, voice, music, video, it is digitized and encapsulated into packets. Every packet has a destination address and a tag for class of service.
Every packet is sent and reaches a destination through the Internet thanks to the invention of the computer.

In this new, progressive, digital world there is no place for old antiquated "iconographic" way of communication.
The Telecoms still exist thanks to the Monopoly and the stupidity of our politicians (and the ignorance of many).

How long will progress have to wait?

Patrizia from a World on IP

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