Friday, December 31, 2004

They have a hell of a nerve...

"It should be pointed out that the first responsibility of the US government is to US citizens and we have people living below the poverty level, people without health care, and are drying up the Pell Grant program for college students.
The whole thing is a disgrace -- our economy -- and the fact that these other countries mock our genorsity; they have a hell of a nerve -- and that guy backed down."

You are damned right...but it is a surprise to a country where the President is guided directly from our Boss up there...
One would expect a little bit more of generosity, from a country that already spends billions to bring Democracy to the World...

But may be this is the real lesson from the Bible.
God himself had to invent BAD, otherwise, how could HE look so good?
If the World was a happy island inhabited just by good people, how could we appreciate it? How could we feel so well when we do the slight good to somebody?

This is the answer, HE didn't Forbid the Serpent to Adam and Eve, otherwise instead of the Apple they would have eaten the Devil, and the whole story of this world would have been different.
They would have disobeyed the same, of course, but then, Hell would have had to disappear, we wouldn't have needed to be good, because we just couldn't have been something else...

It is getting too complicated.
Being selfish is human... admitting it, is something more...


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