Friday, March 25, 2005

About Terry

"I do want to have a series of increasingly far out treatments tried on me until I either get better or die. In the likely case that the treatments don’t work, useful knowledge about their toxicity or lack of efficacy will have been obtained. If one of them does, I get to blog about it."

That is what we all think and want.

The sad reality is that the closer you are to death, the more you want to live.

I guess the biggest punishment for the "original sin" (if the story is true) was not to be obliged to live on earth, but being obliged to "Live", that is to have a body who is born and has to die.

God has no body, God was never born, God will never die, God just lives without sadness, without pain.

The right to live, the right to die.

Sometimes it is the pain to live and the pain to die.
May be pain has a big advantage: it makes us seeing death as something good and welcome.

While if you are happy and love life, then death becomes dreadful and scaring.

Religion and the belief in something good after death should make us less unwilling to die.
But that is not the case.
It is not the case even for the Pope, who should be believer number 1st.
I think that if he really lived like the Christian he wants to show to be, he would spend all the useful money he spends for himself to help all the suffering people of this world.

That would be the real lesson of Christianity.

And I do not want to be polemic; I just want to be realistic.

And reality teaches us that we all, including the Pope, fear and dread that moment.
Lucky Terry, she doesn't understand that her Time has come since long.

She doesn't have the Right to die, she has the Luck to leave this life in the way she entered it: without knowing.
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