Sunday, March 13, 2005

The algorithm behind the algorithm.The appeal of "Sex".

Tom Evslin writes:

So, after blogging yesterday about pornography and using loaded words like "sex" and "skin flicks", I couldn't wait to what kinds of ads Google AdSense would serve up on my site. I knew there'd be nothing hardcore - this is Google - but I wasn't prepared for what I saw.
Three out of the five ads are for engines or engine rebuilding. After much puzzling, I have two theories, probably both wrong:
I did say "Pornography Drives Technology"; could the word "drive" lead to ads for engines?
More interesting, I said that pornography appeals to the same demographic as technology - young men. But, of course, so does engine rebuilding. So maybe Google serves engines whenever anyone mentions "sex" - a search engine version of sublimation.


May be it understands humanity more than what we think.

When you say: "pornography appeals to the same demographic as technology - young men", it assumes that your blog's customers are exactly that: young men interested in technology, also as a way to sex.

The Internet is becoming a widespread entertainment medium, and sex plays a big part in it. (the Internet is but a mirror of its users, a mirror of life, where of course sex plays a big role)
On the other end, we are in the year 2005 and we still see sex as something "dirty", "forbidden".
We are more than ever slaves of a certain religion which denies the evidence of nature.

"For two thousand years or more man has been subject to a systematic effort to transform him in an ascetic animal.
Parental discipline, religious denunciation of bodily pleasure and philosophic exaltation of the life of reason have all left man overtly docile, but secretly in his unconscious unconvinced.
In spite of two thousand years of higher education, based on the notion that man is essentially a soul for misterious accidental reasons, man still thinks of himself as first and foremost a body and looks for the fullfillment of the happiness of his own body."

This is the truth and will always be the truth.
And so, if you write about sex in your blog, the choice of ads is virtually unlimited: because Sex is a Universal Language and talks to everybody...

Patrizia from a World on IP and also, why not, a World on Sex...
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