Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The "visual society"

Our society will pass to history under many definitions, let's hope not "the third world war's".
But the one that in my opinion most reflects it, is the definition "visual society".
We are falling back to a kind of primitive stage.
History teaches us that in the past when a nation reached great progress and big goals, then it began the downhill phase.
We saw it in the Middle East, in Egypt, in Greece and in the Roman Empire.
With great luxury availability there comes a kind of relaxation, laziness, a willingness to live more on the past than on the future.
And this is exactly what our Old world is going through.

A degeneration in culture, in interest, a passivity in working.
We want always to work less and less and to earn more and more.
That is what we are used to.

We are more prone to visualize than to think.
Because it is easier, because it is more immediate, because we are lazy.

And also because we have been used to.
To have it the easy way. Whatever it can be.
The easiest it is the easiest it sells.
The more idiotic it is the more customers you find.
The more customers you can find, the more revenue you make.
A picture is worth one thousand words, that anyway most people wouldn't read.
A picture is immediate, a picture is something everybody can understand.
A picture reaches the mass while many words don't.
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