Monday, November 02, 2009

Is there a defense against thieves?

Yes, now a day there is a good way to prevent certain thefts, for example protecting your car.
It is not enough to own a garage, thieves always know better.
And it is also not enough to have the newest type of electronic car key, thieves know better...
Ever heard about the "Polish key"?
In Dresden they have recently upgraded the number of policemen just for that reason: the thefts of cars (100 in one day) thanks to a very clever device the Polish thieves invented.
They spy you when you park your car, usually an expensive one of course (but also the cheap are not safe) and with a wireless device register the code of key and alarm system, which they are able to reproduce in a few minutes.
And your car is gone!...
So what to do?
Now there is a very safe and clever way to trace your car (and of course the thieves).
It is called GPS Vehicle Tracking Device , and works this way: The GPS tracking unit uses the Global Positioning System to relay information about the location of the vehicle attached to that GPS vehicle tracking device.
But there are other five benefits and reasons topurchase this device.
You can reduce fuel costs, keep an eye on staff, planning for more efficient routes when driving, discounts on insurance and of course tracking your car when stolen, mileage claims and time sheet reporting.
For a guide to buying vehicle tracking just follow my links, and believe ma, you won’t regret it, there is always a first time, also to loose a car....
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