Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Treni Italia

The trains in Mussolini´s time arrived on time and were used to move around.
In our times they arrive when they can and they are used to feed the Mafia.
In Sicily there are still the fascist trains, with nine hours of train ride from Palermo to Ragusa. Italian commuters travel as cattle.
It saves energy to warm the wagons in winter, but in summer the windows to cool down are not enough, also because the speed is what it is.
To make up for that we’ll have the TAV {high speed train} in the Susa Valley for the European corridor and the Messina Bridge. Great works for Great Contractors.
“Italy is a country that is sick and suffering from individualism and ‘I-couldn’t-care-less-ism’. It’s a country where a collective national project is missing”.
The railways are an abandoned collective national project and they symbolize a way of doing, a managerial culture, a way of being that is typical of Italy.
Let´s take as an example the high speed.
The project should have been finished by December 1999 and of course should have costed half of what it did.
Ten years later we are still talking and no end.
But the right locomotions were available since 1995, what was lacking was the right infrastructure.
They were underused for 15 years and now, when we will finally have the right binaries, they will be too old for them...
Without even talking about the environment damages and pollution...
They are not even able to provide clean carriages, or trains that arrive in time...
Well, a real disaster, but without responsibles...
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