Saturday, November 14, 2009

What is a journalist?

He is like a cook.
Here are the raw materials: onions, garlic, oil, tomatoes, meat and so on.
My mother was a great cook.
I do not know if she was a good journalist, but I am sure as a gossiper she was the best.
She was gossiper number one in all neighborhood.
She was good in finding the hilarious side of everyone and every situation.
She was not malicious, she was funny.
People didn’t hate her; they liked and laughed about what she said.
She would have been a great columnist in a local newspaper hadn’t she been born when there were no columns and a very few local papers.
This is my point: give two people the same material and you will have very different results.
Writing news is elaborating the raw material finding the interesting in it and when failing to find the interesting in it, being able to present it as if it was actually very interesting.
Saying and omitting, using certain words and other meanings, making invisible parallels and being able to see the human side in all what you are talking about.
Putting a little bit of this spice and less of the other, making a special taste out of plain basic materials.
Writing is an art, and humor is a part of it.
But humor is in the beholder’s eyes.
Either you have it or you don’t.
It is like a Midas touch.
When you can write, then you can transform everything.
Just like when you can paint or you can sing.
The voice makes the song.
The artist makes the color.
The journalist makes the news.
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