Monday, February 01, 2010

Do we have to pay for content?

I guess we do.
The right price of course.
But what is happening?
The whole situation is not clear and I do not like it.
I like to buy this knowing that its right price is that and finished.
Instead we are allured with "FREE" this and "FREE" that.
Why should somebody work for free?
Unless he earns more?
Not only the people who work deserve to be paid, they HAVE to be paid.
Money is the reason why you work and working is the mean how to survive.
All this walls and free and everything else.
Since the Internet catches people with the promise of being free it is a must to change the way news are paid.
So that they look free, but in reality they are not.
All this calling one business in a different way, I do not charge for the news I give you, but you have to pay for the merchandize I sell.
The problem is: if I usually buy some merchandize in a place where I pay for it, and I begin buying the same thing in a place where I pay for it and I get as a bonus free news, the one who sells without the bonus won’t sell anymore.
What will happen?
The news producers will go on selling news AND other things, creating some sort of monopoly.
When they are well established, when the competitors won’t exist anymore, then, we will pay for the merchandize we buy a price which includes the news...
I guess it is quite naive to believe that this IS NOT the actual strategy.
I guess we are smart enough to understand that there is nothing free, not even a free lunch...
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