Thursday, February 25, 2010

How far can freedom go?

Google about the Italian´s Court sentence:

"It attacks the very principles of freedom on which the Internet is built. Common sense dictates that only the person who films and uploads a video to a hosting platform could take the steps necessary to protect the privacy and obtain the consent of the people they are filming."

I have the impression that the sentence was more a personal feeling that the applying of the law.
If it was so simple to judge we would simply need computers with good programs which would give sentences much more appropriate than humans.
Instead we have humans.
Because every case is different and even though the principle is the same, stealing an apple is not as serious as stealing three millions.
In this case the offensive part was that Google actually made money with ads seen by people who were eager to see a handicapped child abused and hit by children.
The responsible are without any doubt the children who did it, but what kind of message does a video like that send to the audience?
That committing a horrible crime is also some kind of entertainment.

I understand that Google cannot be responsible of ALL what is uploaded and cannot control.
But nevertheless something like YouTube, left in the hands of irresponsible’s could create huge damages to the life of others.
How far can go freedom?
Your freedom goes as far as my freedom goes.
Freedom cannot be license of doing everything you like.
At least in a "free" and "civilized" society.
That is why we invented laws and Courts.
Freedom on the Internet is a beautiful thing, but how long will we be able to allow this freedom?
How long will we be able to stand a world where everybody can do all the harm he wants, including ruining my computer with viruses or botnets or whatever, my life saying lies about me, my future posting a video of my handicapped son brutally treated by his friends?
What kind of example is this for the young generations?

I also have the impression that if that would would have infringed copyright laws (of Americans) it would have been IMMEDIATELY removed.
But let´s not fall in the trap of : they did this because they are Italians and they do not respect Americans...
Or : what do they want these Americans?

I was quite offended also by that Ophra talk show abut Amanda Knox who was found guilty and "SHE WAS NOT EVEN THERE"...
I guess an Italian Court, as low level as it can be, is a more appropriate place to judge a murder.
And in a country where 99% of the criminals get very light sentences (including of course foreigners) for the simple reason that we are so bust we do not even have jails, getting the sentence she got, means she was REALLY guilty.
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