Monday, February 01, 2010

How long can you play with people´s life, before the magic balance is gone?

"Life is tragic, history is merciless, and societies don't always make good collective choices. "

Societies usually do not make choices, they love the ones who make choices for them
Just like a frozen meal you put in a microwave.
Everything is there: vegetables, meat, cheese, the right sauce.
You can even choose among many tastes.
No hassle to shop for, to prepare, to cook.
Not even the need of a dish.
It´s all there, a part for your stomach and what’s left for the garbage.
We are used to it, the industry has spoiled us.
They give us what we want: to survive without thinking, without deciding, without even living.

They decide everything for us: what we eat, what we wear, what we do in our free time.
We give them eight hours a day for five days a week and we get all what we need.
At least this was what we were used to, until the balance in one way or another broke.
On one side the same, on the other more and more greediness.
I remember when I was a child once at Christmas we (me and my brother) began a very stupid game: How many times you could throw a glass Christmas ball on the floor before it broke.
To better fill our statistics we broke almost all the balls and we couldn’t make the Christmas tree.
It looks stupid, but it is what is happening.
How long can you play with people’s life, before the magic balance is gone?
Because without work there is no money and without money there are no consumers.
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