Monday, March 01, 2010

Everything is a story

To write is to be able to tell a story.
To be a journalist is to be able to write a story which makes sense to the listener, which captures the audience, who makes somebody willing to read more.
To teach is to be able to tell a story which makes sense to the listener, the student. To learn is to be able to listen to a story and extract meaning from it.
"Once upon a time " is the beginning of the process of teaching and learning.
That is how the communication of wisdom begins.
Since I can remember, I have associated learning with stories. Since childhood, my best teachers have been those who have had the gift of telling a good story.
To know is to know the story.
Everything is a story, life is a story, my past is a story, my present is a story, my future will be a story.
Living is writing a story, telling your story is the first mean of communication.
If you can tell an interesting story, you will be successful; it is indeed that simple.
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