Thursday, March 11, 2010

Say it with your body

Many prefer tattoos.
I think that a T-Shirt is much better.
It is cheaper,easier to wear, you can change it every day or many times a day.
What about any time you change your mind?
And do not forget that the moment you are tired of talking with your body it is so much easier to stop with a T-shirt.
I didn´t also mention the fact that a good tailored T-Shirt can also hide those few pounds more (or less) that you do not want or want to show.
Today for example I want to talk about wild life, the best I can do is looking for a custom t-shirt in the color I like (may be green) and with the words I would say.
Then tomorrow I am in the mood of something else, or I am going to meet people who do not care about wild life, but politics, why not a politicstshirt?
You can always find some kind of inspiration, going to the website of“CNN Politics”.
There are so many models of t-shirts and everything else you can dream to customize, drinkware, posters, stickers and all what concerns home decor, that it is getting really hard to choose...
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