Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good education is like good journalism...

“News is a process, not a product.”
News is what happened and the product is the interpretation of what happened.
The news must be plain and open.
“People want to create, not just consume, because collaboration is a way to expand news, because it is a way to save expenses.”
People want to be entertained, because this is our generation.
It began with TV which was a one way communication and now with the Iternet we have a two way communication, this is real entertainment, a show in which the public is both spectator and “actor” which is what people like…
“Instead of giving tests to find out what they’ve learned, we should test to find out what they don’t know. Their wrong answers aren’t failures, they are needs and opportunities.
We tell them our answers before they’ve asked the questions.”
To make questions you HAVE to know the answers.
To say what you think, you HAVE to start from the subject.
And the subjects are the suitcase of knowledge people before us have reached.
Every generation hands to the next what they have learned, what they have achieved, so that the new generation can begin where the others finished.
“It’s easy to educate for the routine, and hard to educate for the novel.”
It is the same, the second is just letting the door open, instead of closing it.
“We must stop our culture of standardized testing and standardized teaching.”
We must go on teaching what is our culture and encouraging people to analyze and correct it where needed.
“Rather than showing our diplomas, shouldn’t we show our portfolios of work as a far better expression of our thinking and capability? The school becomes not a factory but an incubator.”
The school must be a factory that teaches how to incubate.
Life will give the chance to develop what the students learned.
To be open means no incubator, but complete freedom of expression.
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