Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Baby boomers

I am a boomer, a post war child, like many here.
We were deprived for long of a REAL social life, the feeling of belonging to a family.
We were the victims of the exasperated individualism following the exasperated nationalism.
Hitler, Mussolini made people proud of belonging, first to their family, (and the bigger the better) second to the bigger family that was the Nation.
You were born, lived and died for and in the family.
You worked for the family, you fought for the family.
The capitalistic ideology considers men as individuals and produces progress thanks to competition.
There is no space for family and no space for close friends and lately not even space for your country.
You belong to the world, you have to compete with million other men, you have to be better or die.
You are alone, incapable to build a long lasting relationship.
Women in the 60s 70s were "liberated", they didn’t even wear a bra any more.
Divorce, abortion were our conquest.
Free love, casual relationships.
Now, as a result we have people who do not know where to go.
What they thought was right is not anymore.
What was seen as freedom and happiness brought loneliness and an emptiness many are trying to fill in the wrong way: exasperating the goals they were looking for when young.
They have models to follow, heroes to inspire, always better, always more difficult to copy and reach.
It is forbidden to look old, to play old, to show you as an old person.
You CAN be old, because that is something you cannot change, but you HAVE TO LOOK young.
Plastic surgery, gym, "healthy lifestyle", sex, sex, sex.
The older you are the younger your partner should be.
Because thanks to Viagra, thanks to surgery, you do not look old anymore.
But you are and even more so because you deny it.
Our generation was the stolen generation.
We miss love, affection, reachable goals.
We need real friends, not Facebook or social media.
We exchanged laughing for a good bank account and now that our bank account is no good anymore we have nothing.
Not even a shoulder to cry on.
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