Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bad times have in store great things

We live in magic times.
Who could have believed we would come to the point where money´s value can be everything and can be nothing?
It is almost like on eBay.
I bought a wood massive bedroom for 100 euros and the lamps for the night tables for 499 EACH.
I added a designer bedcover for 999 euros and two nice pillows for 250 each.
But then, the oriental hand made carpet came for 67 euros including shipment.
And since I still had place in the room I also bought one two sitzer leather couch with armchair for 1 euro.
Well, the main precious things came for nothing, while the accessories are very expensive.
The same happens to currencies and bonds.
When currencies are worth nothing or almost and the forecast is they will be worth even less, it can look a good bargain to buy Greece bonds at 13% interest.
Of course you cross your fingers that the situation will improve.
If it does, you made a good bargain, if it doesn´t you just risked money that will be worth nothing.
Well, you could buy gold, but my concern is: when gold will be worth 2000 dollars a ounce and nobody will have the 2000 to buy it, what will you do with your gold?
At least, with my new/old bedroom I can sleep well and even have a leather couch, I cannot use gold for nothing.
They say bad times can have in store great things, let´s hope.
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