Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Social Marketing is the old "word of mouth"

The most important thing for any online business is to have an effective ecommerce strategy planned.
Ecommerce consultant such as ECommerce Partners can help a business plan out a strategy to increase sales.
Marketing is what makes a difference between a business and a successful business. Once, long ago before the Internet was born, it was mostly a "word of mouth"matter. I remember, when Ferrero began its business, he personally used to go to the local open markets and sell his products, including the ancestor of Nutella.
He was successful, thanks to the "word of mouth", you tried it, you liked it, you told your friends and they told other friends and so on.
But it was only thanks to his genius and the right marketing that the Nutella ( and the other Ferrero products) became known worldwide.
Today you cannot be successful unless you are online.
Because it is THERE that your customers look for you.
But, exactly as in the local market, you MUST have the best position, the place where the biggest number of customers finds you.
And the strategy is the same.
You do not call it "word of mouth", you call it social marketing, but it works exactly in the same way: somebody tries it, likes it and tell his friends, who tell their friends and so on.
But the Iternet is MUCH bigger than the local market, you have more chances. But you also share the place with many more competitors...
So, in the end, who wins?
The one who has the best strategy, and of course the best partners with the most effective ecommerce strategy...
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