Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good luck and Allahu akhbar...

If your next business target is the Middle East you should first acquire some knowledge about business culture, business etiquette, meeting protocol and negotiation techniques.
It is of the utmost importance to bear in mind the great diversity within the region because not all regions share a common religion, language and culture.
Islam is not only the religion, it is the culture that permeates all levels of society.
One very important rule is to avoid trying to do business in the Middle East during the month of Ramadan, a period in which Muslims fast from dawn till dusk.
Also business hours general activity is reduced depending on the nature of the company or organization.
Their hallo is traditionally the Islamic greeting 'Asalamu alaykum' (peace be with you).
Even though you are not expected to use it, it would sound very polite and friendly.
If your business is going to be mainly on the Internet it is advisable to use a company that knows well how to deal with it.
The internet is the same, but the approach for example to middle eastern ppc management can be in a special way.
You should also carefully choose a Middle Eastern search engine marketing firm.
Your website must be able to reach as many customers as possible so that you will need a middle eastern search engine optimization firm.
If you need a kind of negotiation, remember the Arabs were a trading people and are excellent negotiators.
Remember also that they like to take their time, since decisions are made slowly.
Bureaucratic formalities tend to add to delays.
Do not use high pressure tactics as they will be counter-productive. What can I say more? Good luck and Allahu akhbar...
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