Friday, July 20, 2012

How to get and keep a good ROI

My friend Marcus had since long a well ranked website and that, in addition to the fact that he sold good merchandize, made him rich.
"Much richer than what I would be had I invested in a fancy shop in the main street of Barcelona.” he says...
"It cost me very little; I could do my job from home, with few employees and a very little investment."
That is the secret of reaching a good ROI.
"In the beginning, when the Internet was at its dawn, when the websites were few, I could do the job by myself, he says, now I decided to delegate to somebody who can do the job much better than me, so I decided for seo consulting services.
And my decision, so far, has proved to be right."
"Not only have I kept my number of sales, but thanks to good seo consulting services, having a better position on most search engines, I even increased my number of customers"...he goes on...
"But, seo consulting services do not mean just getting a better position on a search engine, they include link building, content creation, hourly SEO, all things that are precious for my business, that I wouldn’t do by myself and, what is most important for me (you know I am a Swiss living in Barcelona, but still a Swiss in my heart), they cost very little... "
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