Friday, July 06, 2012

I do not care what they do, I care for the goals they reach.

Everybody dreams of position 1, just one is able to achieve it.
But in web marketing it is good enough until position 10 or 20, which looks easier, but it is not, considering the number (daily growing) of websites.
Once may be it was enough to have a nice site, good media texts, nice wording and you could have a chance to be among the firsts for quite a long time.
Not anymore.
That is why they invented seo, which is the way to get a good position, but also that is not enough, what you need is a good performing seo.
Do it yourself is very difficult, time and energy consuming.
To be on the top also your knowledge of search engine must be on the top, which means you have to be constantly adjourned of all algorithms and links exchange, and social media and so on...
What you need is a good and experienced company which deals with any kind of search engine optimization: 1st page rankings, increased traffic levels, sales and a positive return on investment.
In my opinion the last is the most important, because, at the end of the day: I do not care what they do, I care for the goals they reach.
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