Monday, February 18, 2013

Get ahead with the right partner

Once there were the yellow pages.
All (or mostly) the commercial world turned around them. especially the local world.
Now people do not search on "paper" they have gone virtual...
From that the need to be where your customers look for you: on the internet.
Also for local searches?
Yes, also for them.
People do not walk anymore, they browse, and if you are not there, you do not exist, and more than ever, you do not sell...
The commercial relationship is based primarily on communication, so you need to be able to catch your customer, but also to keep their attention. You have to change browsers in customers.
For that you fisrt need experts in local search marketing.
They know how to do the right job, they work for you and better than what you would and you are not even permanently bound to them with a contract...
As they say they "create value, communicate value."
And that sometimes is the thin line between being successful and going bankruptcy...
In a world that is changing, to get the same you have to change.
To better explain how it works the Local business marketing, they have, on their website, a very useful and smart search.
You simply must enter a word or two that best describes your business category or service, then you can select your State and County.
And there it is: the number of searches that are made for your products or services...will you be the one they find?
It mostly depends on you for the easiest part.
You do not need to learn IT or be a guru, you just have to chose the right partner.
Who? The one who is expert in local search
In the total amount of 16 billions search on the major search engines one out of five of those searches is local in nature.
What does that mean?
It means that if you are not there yet, you should hurry up...or you will be left behind.
Do you know that it is possible to show photos and videos of your location? And that it could mean that Google gives prominent placement on its search, just for that?
Many other things you do not know could really make a great difference...
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