Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Technological era

We live in a technological era, in which reality has given up the space to virtuality.
We do not travel anymore, we do not even walk.
We shop in front of our computer, we see places, visit cities and museums, read, listen to music, sing, chat, entertain, work ALL in front of our computer.
We do not talk anymore, we do not even write, we digit, very often symbols on our keyboard.
It is not anymore: you didn´t say, or you promised or you talked...
It is you smsed me.
Or you blogged.
soon :You videoblogged...
We gave up our intelligence to have back our smartphones.
The brain is the big winner when there is a brain.
Our DNA has never been so open, so clear, so visible.
We have no age, no look, no body or face.
We are what we write or what we like to be.
You do not detect truth by a smile or a twinkle or a nod...not even by trembling of the develop a sixth sense for pauses, for fonts, for capitals, for commas or for words used.
There we are: real monsters of virtual reality.
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