Monday, March 04, 2013

The Internet changes everything (or mostly)

I do not know if the Internet changed everything, certainly changed a lot in the way we live and also in the way we work.
Most of the jobs now can be done at home.
The myth is the man in his pajama who makes a billion dollars business.
It is not really how it works, the Internet doesn’t make you a millionaire in a fortnight, but what it certainly does is allowing you to work also without a fancy office. That is why they invented what they call the new york virtual office.
It is partially virtual.
In reality is a real one, but just when you need it.
Let’s imagine that you have a lot of customers that you mainly deal with them through the Internet or with the telephone, so you do not want to invest much money in a real office you would use a few days a month. So you would need a new york virtual office
But on the other hand, you still need a place where to meet them once in a while, to show your products, or to sigh important deals.
And of course you would like a fancy one, because as we say, the suit doesn’t make the priest, but it makes the manager...
How could you sell good products or quality services in a shabby and cheap environment?
But you can still have a nice place in a good location, with all the right furniture, even the size you need just for the hours you need it. That could be a virtual office new York
Suddenly you need a big room or a conference room, in midtown, for a few people or up to 100 guests?
Or just a small office?
You choose and you pay only the hours you need it.
That is calledvirtual hourly office.
Isn’t it great? Isn’t it just what you need?
Well, now it is available, what you need is to make a call and book it, any time you want.
It starts at $60 per hour, which is nothing compared to what it would cost you a fix office, and may be just for using it a few hours a week or a month.
But it is not all, it includes also a mailbox with the chance to check your mail and have it forwarded to you.
You can have your name and company name in the electronic directory in the building entrance lobby, share receptionist services including the cordial, professional greeting of your guests and clients, 24/7, 365 days a year.
Do you need more?
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