Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Looking for a property?

I had a very rich uncle who was very clever and made a lot of money.
I asked him once: "What's your secret?"
"Very simple" he answered,” I usually buy when the others sell and sell when the others buy".
Following his suggestions I made a few little businesses and I can assure you I still believe he was damn right.
So, what would somebody do in this terrible and disastrous moment, to make a little bit of money?
My advice: If you have some money to invest and do not know how, I think this is the right moment to buy a property.
Everybody is thinking of selling and few of buying.
So, you could go in a website of property search and look what they have.
Searching among 100,000 homes, you can easily find your dream house, being it a flat, a cottage, a 4 bed house or a rural mansion.
And in case you do not find immediately what you are searching for, you can sign up for e-mail alerts and view the map to find the nearest schools, dentists, doctors, restaurants and takeaways near your future home.
And you will also be helped in every stage of your investment, beginning with the mortgage calculator and on with the estate agent, the solicitor and why not? a financial adviser, because it is not only important to buy what we like, but also something whose value will increase and we will always be able to sell (to buy something else for example...)

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