Thursday, September 03, 2009

Regarding Artificial Intelligence

I am NOT a computer scientist, even though computers fascinate me.
What I wanted to point out was that Beauty is a subjective matter, even though you can input several features common to most men about what a beautiful woman should be.
Computers work as well as the programmer who makes a program is good.
They are machines and do JUST what they are taught to do.
You can input millions of variables and the computer can be taught to output solutions with a syllogistic intelligence.
I see the artificial intelligence more as a matter of speed and ability to do fairly complicated things.
To be comparable to the human brain artificial intelligence has to accommodate subjective as well as objective processes.
And that is about the unpredictable and irrational, in other words, behaving like humans.
We are overly impressed by the ability to calculate and rationalize, but still it lacks the ability to see possibilities and make connections.
And connections are what life is about.
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