Tuesday, September 08, 2009

What Obama would need

Any president of USA faces two problems: the first is the necessity to get votes for the next election, if not for him, at least for the Party.
The second one is that he has too little time to do it as it should.
He was elected promising miracles on one end and compromising promising what couldn’t make any miracle with the people who sponsored his campaign.
If he had a longer period to rule he could just forget both and do what America needs: building a new future.
This requires hard decisions and difficult choices, that would alienate that majority who though that the way out was easy and painless, that a miracle could just let things as they were, may be better.
Ant it would also alienate the part of sponsors who paid for his campaign.
If he could prove that what he does actually produces good results, he could have both back, and at least one, and in a bigger number.
But four years is too short a period and he will have to leave in a moment when things would be even much worse.
He would be guilty not only to have failed, but failed been a traitor; not keeping his promises, lying about being what people believed he was: a Messiah on one hand and on the other spitting in the dish he was eating from.
If only people could see a little bit further, than Obama could be a good president.
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