Thursday, September 03, 2009

File extension .PST

I had to deal with the file extension pst several times, when I had to do with my email folder.
Infact this extension includes all E-mail folders, addresses or anything else that Outlook 97, 2K or XP collects.
The file extension pst has a 2GB file size limit. When you get close to this size Outlook becomes extremely unstable to the point of not being able to clicking on any message, folder, etc. without locking Outlook.
The only thing to do in this case is trying to shrinking the file, deleting messages or clearing the Delete Items folder.
Microsoft provides a free add-in for backing up PST files.
If you cannot open a PST file, it is either because you do not have the appropriate program install, or you have registry errors.
In this case it could be useful to scan the registry.
Unlike the full version of Outlook, Outlook Express does not use the file extension pst, however, Outlook Express can import PST data using the program's Import feature.
file extension pst
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