Friday, September 04, 2009

The secret of beauty is knowing how to look beautiful

Once I decided to hide all mirrors in my house and, where not possible, to walk in front of them looking on the other side.
It was because I didn’t like myself and I didn’t want to see my reflection.
That lasted some time.
Then one magical day I changed my hair style and found a very nice dress which fit me and showed the best of me, hiding the worst, and I began liking what I saw.
I realized that looking at the others and trying to be like them didn’t work for me.
Because they were tall and could afford things I couldn’t, and they had curly and beautiful hair, while mine was the opposite.
It is just understanding how you are and making the best out of it that can help to change your look.
If you are a size plus you need special clothes to look your best.
I have skinny friends that can wear (almost) anything they like, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot look as glamorous as them, sometimes, I look even better.
For example.
I like very tight pants, and one would think they are not good if you have a few pounds more.
They look perfect if you are smart enough to wear a larger blouse, that covers what has to be covered.
I like a classic look and would wear a pair of tight black trousers with a very nice linen shirt, not too big, not too tight, and not too long.
I also do not dislike jeans and I prefer the straight leg type, because I am not tall and certainly do not want to look little.
I once overheard a comment of two men looking at me:
"She is certainly not thin, but she is very well shaped..."
Well, that is exactly the point.
And where can you find the right outfit also for "Plus" sizes?
Simply on Women’s Clothing Catalogues!
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