Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guilty of DUI

It’s mathematics: when a road is constructed, they start a new account for the dead who will subsequently be remembered with bunches of flowers, memorials, stones, photos.
The car companies have advertising that always emphasises the cars that are always more powerful, that invite you to exceed the speed limits. Excess speed is one of the main causes of accidents.
And if you add speed to drunk driving you give a good answer to most of the streets' deaths.
Speed is violence, IT is a myth of the past, of older people, finished, of those that find gratification with an accelerator rather than with a vagina.
Yes, I want to remind people, especially the young ones that life is something else, somewhere else. Not in rubber tyres, in engine wheels, in 220 an hour, in four wheel drives.
The speed maniacs are poor things, but the real problem is that they don’t know that.
As may be they do not know their rights and how to defend themselves.
They go towards death or towards crime without realizing it.
But then, when realities reveals a different scenario they find themselves armless against destiny.
That is the moment they need good Los Angeles DUI Lawyers | Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys in California.
Just to be able to make the best out of the worst.
To be able to understand what life is, what danger is, and being able to have a new start.

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