Thursday, September 11, 2008

When a honeybee dies we die a little bit too...

If you see a honeybee that is busy dying, you should be very concerned indeed. Albert Einstein once said that: “Were all the honeybees to disappear, man would only have four years left to live”.
Honeybees play a pivotal role in the production of honey, pears, apples, tomatoes, clover, medicinal herbs, milk and meat.
They transport the pollen and transform the world around us into food.
The honeybee, which is a bio-indicator of environmental health, is a species that is currently at risk. If the honeybee is at risk today, tomorrow it will be our turn. In an article entitled “Honeybee deaths reaching crisis point”, The Guardian reports that fully one third of the total of 240,000 British beehives actually died off during the past winter and spring.
British Minister Rooker has stated that if nothing is done to remedy the situation, there will no longer be a single honeybee left on the island within the next ten years.
Honeybees contribute some 165 million pounds sterling per year to the British economy through the production of fruit and vegetables. That is, of course, over and above the honey that they produce.
The Honey Association forecasts that no more locally produced honey will be available in Great Britain by Christmas. New stocks will only become available during the summer of 2009.
This, however, is a worldwide crisis. The world’s largest producer of honey is Argentina, where the 75,000 tons produced annually has now dropped by 27%. In the United States (25% fewer beehives in 2008) and the rest of the world, the honeybees are deserting us. In Italy it has been a disaster.
Fifty percent of our honeybees died and 200,000 beehives were lost in 2007, resulting in a 250 million Euro loss for the agricultural sector.
However, it would seem that this is not a national priority. Apparently, the real priorities are the deployment of soldiers on our streets, gagging the Justice System by means of the separation of duties, gathering the fingerprints of gypsy children, the Alfano Bill to ensure the impunity of the Top Four Gang and Impregilo’s incinerators. These are the real priorities!
And why are the honeybees dying you may ask? They are dying because of environment pollution, climate change, Varoa (a type of mite), the conversion of grazing land into fields of Soya beans used in the production of bio fuels, the indiscriminate use of pesticides and the pollution of our water courses. The beehives are being decimated by a phenomenon known as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), and all because mankind is busy poisoning our planet.
There is something that we can do immediately as far as Italy is concerned. We can prohibit the use of nicotine-based pesticides.
They have already done so in France. Nicotine has a disastrous effect on honeybees. It makes them lose their sense of direction, they are then unable to find their hives and so they die.
In addition to putting the honeybees at risk, those producing nicotine-based pesticides are also threatening our survival.
Anyone who poisons a honeybee is also poisoning you.
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