Monday, September 15, 2008

The one who controls the Persian Gulf is the one who controls the energy resources

Since 11 September 2001 we (Italy)have been one of the nations at risk of Islamic attacks. More than six years have passed and, as far as we can remember, not a single person has been killed or injured in Italy as a direct result of the Jihad. This must be some sort of record. We have not seen a single fanatic involved in any robbery, bloody event or domestic burglary.
Some may believe that this may be simply because Italy closes one eye (looks the other way), perhaps even both eyes and allows everyone to mind their own business.
And the Country allows the setting up of logistics bases that could be used as a springboard for attacks elsewhere in Europe.
There may well be some truth in this belief because, here in Italy, we are free to do whatever we wish and this Country is probably the best crossroads for all the secret services of the world.
Abu Omar was kidnapped in Milan by twenty-six CIA agents.
However, any terrorist wishing to blow himself up in London or Madrid is able to access local support with impunity. He needs just to go as far as Rome or Milan. Since 2001, there have been around 8000 people murdered in the workplace, hundreds more have died at the hands of organised crime (Mafia) and there have been thousands of rapes.
Entire towns of Campania, Calabria and Sicily Regions are beyond the law, ruled by guns.
This result is due to the fact that we have sent our troops to Iraq and Afghanistan and cut our funding to the Country’s Police Services.
All Jihad's fault.
Of what use is to fear Muslims and their mosques? The person who prays does not normally get involved in criminal activity. In an attempt to find some sort of answer to this question, you just need to read the recent International Energy Agency Report on the future of world energy.
The report’s content is summarised in a map published by the Financial Times and entitled: “The increasing importance of Middle East's oil”.
In 1980, the quantity of oil extracted in non-Opec countries, such as the United States and Russia, amounted to 35.5 million barrels per day, while 28.1 million barrels were being extracted by Opec zone Countries.
The forecast for the year 2030 is exactly the opposite, with oil production expected in the order of 60.3 million barrels per day in the Opec zone and 53.2 million barrels in the rest of the world.
The one who controls the Persian Gulf, which is where 30% of the entire global requirement will be extracted, controls the energy resources and, the one who controls the energy resources will be able to control the entire planet.
The rising demand for energy (China alone will go from their current 7 million barrels per day, to 16.5 million by 2030) will go together with the production of oil in the Persian Gulf, overlooked by Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. All of which are Muslim States. Therefore, the more oil you produce, the more terrorist you are.
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