Monday, September 15, 2008

Smile: you are on CCTV cameras

And you will be there for at least five years!
Guardian on its main front page story:
The police are to expand a car surveillance operation that will allow them to record and store details of millions of daily journeys for up to five years.
That is more than enough to satisfy the need of many to be "always on".
But what about those who don't want it?
"A national network of roadside cameras will be able to "read" 50m licence plates a day, enabling officers to reconstruct the journeys of motorists. Police have been encouraged to "fully and strategically exploit" the database, which is already recording the whereabouts of 10 million drivers a day, during investigations ranging from counter-terrorism to low-level crime."
At least I live in a country (Italy) where, even admitting they would like to do the same, at least they do not have the means to do it...
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