Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home, sweet home

If the economy was not manipulated by speculators we would have peace and there would be a balance among nations.
The value of a currency should not be a certain amount of gold, but the value of the job or the commodities for that amount.
If a computer was worth 1000 $ in US and the same equivalent in Yuan or Euros or Rubles, if a carpenter in US was paid the same amount as in Russia or in China, everybody would live and WORK in his country.
There would still be a lot of exchanges, but based on the need and not on the value of the currency.
This morning I read that in Poland they are building a new freeway Berlin- Warsaw and who is building it?
The Polish go to work to England and Germany, Germans go to Norway, English are unemployed and so on...
Isn´t that ridicolous?
Wouldn´t it be better if the Americans produced in US, Polish in Poland and so on?
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