Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where does cancer come from?

Certainly one of the most "wanted" answer is "where does cancer come from?"
How to fulfill it?
In the end of 2006 in the Genome Institute at Washington University in St. Louis they introduced a new machines capable of reading DNA a thousand times as quickly as the previous machines, and (not unimportant) at far less cost. It could be used to sequence cancer tissues, scouring their DNA for mutations.
Whit it it was possible to identify tens of thousands of mutations.
These new findings have led to new approaches to treating cancer.
Cancer develops when cells accumulate genetic mistakes that allow them to grow and divide faster than healthy cells.
Identifying the mutations that underlie this transformation can help predict a patient’s prognosis and identify which drugs are most likely to work for that patient.
New drugs for cancer treatment could be found.
Since in the patient you have both the tumor genome and the normal genome, you can get many answers by comparing the two.
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